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Social Media Optimizations (SMO)/ Web 2.0 / Web 3.0 Strategy

SMO is a Process which helps companies creates Brand awareness by generating Publicity of their Products and Services through online social networks, social online communities and community websites. Social media consists of collaborative tools such as internet forums, blogs, wikis and online social networking community websites.

It serves as a great way for viral marketing. Social media optimization is in many ways connected as a technique to viral marketing where word of mouth is created not through friends or family but through the use of networking in Online social bookmarking, video & photo sharing websites.

SMO Services Includes

Web 2.0 – This is about user-generated content and the read-write web. People are consuming as well as contributing information through blogs or sites like Flickr, YouTube, Digg,

Web 3.0 – This will be about semantic web (or the meaning of data), personalization (e.g. iGoogle), intelligent search and behavioural advertising among other things

Web 2.0/web 3.0 is a Technique where you can have a Platform for Healthy and Positive Interaction/Discussion and Two/ three Ways of Communication.

Earlier there were Websites informatory, but with the passage of time and newly developed technology, there is an emergence of two ways of communications with an ability to share your video, photo etc.