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Let’s take a glimpse of the past where technology didn’t even exist, there were letters written by hand, stories told by grandparents, history recalled through dramas and skits, and a trunk call which everyone would wait for. With development and vast changes, our generation has landed in a world which is engulfed with techno rule. And today an individual cannot stay without their phone which has made it possible to reach out to anybody anywhere in the world by just one click. From business transactions to shopping, watching a movie or listening to music, having a live show watched through a small screen and solving queries of friends sitting far away, all have become possible due to the new modern technology. Mobile application development trend has taken the lead and is in the driver seat. Games, music, fitness, art, cooking, learning a new language and much more are all through various apps filled in one’s mobile which has become a real friend who completes all the task.  Here are few trends of the mobile app market:

Faster mobile development, due to very high competition among various brands, apps, and models companies is facing a tough phase to make their work stand out and reduce the time gap between ideation and launch and want to create apps in such a way that fulfil consumer’s requirement.

Driven by cloud technology, this has been the most important factor since it makes it easier to use the same data on different and various devices. This has helped developers focus more on integration and synchronization in the device itself.

Security in all apps is one of the most concerned aspects to which customer’s look upon to avoid any leakage of confidential information, hacking, and spreading of viruses on their device. This has and will be the most challenging part a company needs to focus on.

Wi-Fi services and internet provider, many apps do work without internet which makes it easier to reduce the usage of data that one needs to spend for functioning a particular application. Apps, especially for security, must be created without the usage of the internet.

Wearable tech has become a boon in today’s fashion which provides everything one requires, from calling to messaging, listening to songs or tracking and much more.

Mobile banking, e-commerce, and making payments, has reduced the time by making it easier to reach the respective destination through apps itself. One does not need to go to the bank and stand in the queue for a longer time, apps like Paytm has made it even easy to carry cash without actually bothering to keep the real notes in your pocket.

Educational purpose apps have helped students and teachers to know the best colleges, timetable, examinations through the device with reviews and accurate information. This has connected a more extensive range of students with admission process which once used to be a tiring job.

Promotion of apps need not be done through banners anymore instead one can use social ad formats such as, videos, texts, images which are now being experimented and integrated. Marketing techniques are also gradually developing with user attention instead of user engagement. And in this way, there will be room for more app developers since the list is a never-ending one.